17 Small Changes That Helped Real People Lose Weight


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Weight loss doesn’t always have to be about fad diets and fancy gym workouts. It can also be about adopting new habits and making small changes to your lifestyle, which can greatly contribute to your weight loss plan!

Here are 17 little changes people made to their lives that actually helped them shed some kilos!

1. No Eating On The Couch!

No Eating On The Couch!


A Buzzfeed contributor, caitlina4c00b0abb, swears by this rule! She says she lost over 45 kilos in less than a year by switching her eating place from the couch to the kitchen. It made her more mindful of what she ate.

2. Don’t Weigh Yourself Too Often

Jordan Panza, a Facebook user, recommends not to obsess over losing weight. She says she only lost weight when she shifted her focus to being healthier rather than checking the weighing scale to see if she’d lost any.

3. Or Check Yourself Out In The Mirror

Or Check Yourself Out In The Mirror


Buzzfeed contributor, Brittat2, says that what worked in her weight loss journey was not looking in the mirror, which saved her from being disappointed and discouraged by the lack of instantly visible results. This helped her shed a cool 18 kilos!

4. Choose Healthy Foods To Satisfy Cravings

Facebook user, Elyse Miller’s secret mantra was to actually give in to her cravings. The only catch? She substituted the unhealthy foods with much healthier items!

5. Instead Of ‘Boredom Eating,’ Pick Up A Hobby

Instead Of ‘Boredom Eating,’ Pick Up A Hobby


Loads of people eat when they are bored and so did Buzzfeed contributor, ellielillie. To get over her snacking habits, she took up a new hobby of nail painting and actually lost a lot of weight. She says she now rewards herself with a new nail paint every time she’s able to make a healthier decision!

6. Cook Your Own Meals

Arielle Calderon, a Facebook user, blames takeaways and home delivery meals for her weight gain. It’s only when she stopped that and started cooking her own meals did she lose a whopping 38 kilos!

7. Ditch The Elevator

Ditch The Elevator


And the escalator too! And take the stairs up and down instead, recommends Danielle Rose, a Facebook user. By making this small change to her lifestyle, she ended up being 18 kilos lighter in just the first 8 months of doing so!

8. Skip The Step Of Going Home Before Hitting The Gym

That is if you go to the gym after work hours. Shannon Ireland, a Facebook user, did the same and she said it helped her lose 20 kilos! Not going home helped her resist the urge to hit her bed and watch Netflix.

9. Don’t Force Yourself To Hit The Gym If You Hate It

Don’t Force Yourself To Hit The Gym If You Hate It


Instead, find a physically strenuous activity that you actually enjoy, says Buzzfeed contributor, MrsH810. She took up hiking, swimming, yoga, and biking among other things, instead of going to the gym, and lost 13 kilos! All because she enjoyed what she did.

10. Don’t Stock Up On Unhealthy Snacks

Even if you turn to them when you’re down, says Stephanie Butcher, a Facebook user. She only stocks up her kitchen with healthy snacks, which force her to eat healthy whenever she feels the urge to snack.

11. Have Black Coffee

Have Black Coffee


A very simple way to cut down on some extra sugar and calories in your diet is to ditch your normal cream and sugar and have the black version instead. Or at least that’s what Molly Smith, a Facebook user, did to get back in shape.

12. Stop With The Soda

Brittany Escobar, a Facebook user, suggests giving up on soda entirely! This is because when she did so, she lost nearly 4 kilos in just 2 weeks. Plus, her craving for it died, giving way to an overall healthier lifestyle.

13. And Alcohol Too!

And Alcohol Too!


If you have a beer belly you can proudly flaunt, it’s a sign that you really need to cut down on your alcohol. In fact, stop drinking it altogether and watch the difference in your weight, suggests Buzzfeed contributor, carolinez449d1eb41.

14. Give Yourself Great Treatment

Don’t stress yourself out. It only prevents yourself from losing weight and gives rise to stress eating. Instead, be gentle to yourself just like Facebook user, Jaymes Wade, and it’ll become much easier to follow a healthier diet in the long run.

15. Have Plenty Of Fluids

Have Plenty Of Fluids


Your workouts will feel much easier if you have at least 1.8 liters of water each day as you won’t be dehydrated anymore. So, take Buzzfeed contributor, natalieh4723cfd35’s advice and drink up!

16. Limit Intake Of Foods With Added Sugar

If you limit your consumption of foods such as desserts, syrups, and sodas, you can lose a lot of weight. Daniel P. Murphy, a Facebook user, did just the same and lost 9 kilos without having a regular workout regime!

17. Never Try A Fad Diet

Never Try A Fad Diet


Or quit if you have one. Buzzfeed contributor, megans4bc939b86 was on the Dukan diet, which did help her lose weight, but she regained the lost weight once she was off it. So, she simply started eating healthy overall and achieved permanent weight loss!

You don’t have to make radical changes to your lifestyle in order to be fitter. Even small steps can make you head in the right direction!

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