9 Types Of Referred Pain That Can Be Dangerous If Ignored


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Referred pain is the kind of pain that is experienced at a place other than the point where the pain originates from, which is where the trouble really lies. One of the very apt examples of referred pain is the pain experienced in the teeth and jaws before a heart attack. Pain in the teeth and jaws can be easily inferred as a dental issue, but unfortunately, this can be a sign of a grave medical condition that can strike anytime.

Referred pain happens because of the way our nervous system is built. Certain paths and connections in the neural network are found to be the reason behind pain such as referred pain. The convergence of nerves is also slated to be a critical reason behind one experiencing pain at a distance from the point of origin (1).

It is very important to pay heed to this kind of a pain as it is not just deceptive but is also life-threatening if ignored. Read on to know 9 types of referred pain that can prove dangerous if ignored.

1. Heart


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Heart pain can be quite difficult to handle. One can feel it on the left side of one’s chest as the heart is located there. However, at times one may even feel excruciating pain in the left hand or in the upper or middle part of the back. So, if you haven’t lifted much weight nor have you strained yourself in the yoga class, pain in the left arm and in the back may be a serious red flag.

2. Lungs And Diaphragm

Are you feeling pain in your neck area that almost never seems to go? Do not overlook this pain and instead, make a trip to your doctor to make sure if your lungs and diaphragm are doing good. The pain in the neck region could be because of breathing issues or because of the phrenic nerve that goes from the spine right up to the diaphragm via the lungs.

3. Liver And Gall Bladder

Liver And Gall Bladder

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It is difficult to identify this pain. If there is a trouble in the liver or in the gallbladder, one can experience pain in the shoulder or neck area. Such pain can easily be attributed to lack of exercise or perhaps, working on the computer for too long. Nevertheless, it is best to stay in tune with the body and if the pain remains, it is best to see a doctor.

4. Stomach And Pancreas

This pain is easy to locate and about 50% of people with severe pancreatitis have experienced a bad episode of back pain. Hence, watch your back!

5. Small Intestines

Small Intestines

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If you have been feeling a terrible pain in the stomach area, especially around the belly button, it could be an underlying issue with the small intestines.

6. Appendix And Colon

If you are suffering from appendicitis or colon-related issues, the corresponding pain is easy to trace. Most people with such issues experience pain on the right-hand side of the lower abdomen and it is focussed mostly at the centre. Appendicitis can be life-threatening and hence, if you have such a pain, it is best to consult your doctor at the earliest.

7. Kidney


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Trouble in the kidneys can be difficult to find out. Most of the times, an issue with the kidneys can manifest itself as pain in the entire lower back, abdomen, hips, and the pelvic region. If you continue to experience this kind of a pain, it is best to pay attention to it and consult an expert.

8. Bladder

Trouble in the urinary bladder can manifest itself in the form of pain in the lower pelvic region. This pain can be on the front side or on the back side of the lower pelvis. Do not ignore this sort of a pain for too long.

9. Ovaries


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This pain is obviously restricted to females only. Having trouble with the ovaries could manifest itself as an excruciating pain on the sides of the lower abdomen. Such pain can be very difficult to take and most likely you would not wait to see the doctor unless you are exceptionally brave.

Pain in any form should not be ignored. Pain is a sign of something that is not right within and hence, it needs to be addressed with an urgency. All in all, pain can be dubbed as our body’s way to complain that we have been abusing it. Bouts of joint or muscle pain that have been caused by excess or unsupervised workouts can be treated by home remedies unless it is unbearable. But the pain that remains, springs up for no reason, and refuses to respond to rest or home remedies can be a sign of a higher trouble.

Now that you know what a strange and sinister thing referred pain is, I am sure you will keep a tight vigil on it and make sure your body gives you no reason to complain, isn’t that right?

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